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Hi Amy,

I am doing a paper on Cuba and WomenÕs development in the 1960s. I want to relate the changes in Cuba in the 1960s to the political changes that the world was going through, and the students' movements in '60s worldwide.

Can you please provide me the history of that time in brief? I also want to know about the development of feminism in Europe in the '60s. It'll be a great help if you can also provide some free websites on these topics. Thank you,




I just don't think that I am the right person to answer your question. I don't have enough knowledge of Cuba during this time, plus I wasn't alive so I don't even have personal knowledge to draw from. In general I do think that the "hope" of an anti-capitalist future, symbolized through communism and Castro's leadership, were in line with the political values of progressives in the US.

However I think that relationship changed over time, and of course Marxist and Socialist feminism is less practiced today than it was then, but those two strands of feminism are probably the best to research in looking for context/comparisons.

Good luck,

-- Amy