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Dear Amy,

I am researching the experiences of women who took part in civil rights and new left student movements during the 1960s.I have been trying to track down some key women who were activists for civil rights and the new left, who then went on to become feminist activists for women's rights by the 1970s.

I hope to show that women played a very important role in the day-to-day running of such movements for social change, although women were subjected to male domination and kept in the shadows, so that men could pursue their public male roles!!

I want to highlight the women who took part and show that although men have gone down in history as the most important activists they were not!I have consulted numerous works such as Sara M. Evans, Belinda Robnett, Angela Davis, etc, but would really like to find some women to interview.

If you have any ideas on this subject I would be really grateful!





Your project sounds great.

It is a well-documented progression—moving from civil rights to women's rights, but it would be good to have those actual voices recorded/documented. I know that when I have tried to reach out to these women in the past -- I was actually specifically reaching out to women in the civil rights movement—their numbers were just listed and I found it relatively easy to reach them. So perhaps just a Google search can put you in touch with them. There are also a few books devoted to the women in the Civil Rights movement—and they might be good starting places. Of course, I am blanking on the names of the books right now, but I know they exist.

Good luck.

-- Amy