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Have you taken a position on Bill Clinton's actions against the women he has been associated with; starting with his wife, the wives of other men, young women interns, business associates, classmates, etc.? If there was anyone who deserved your taking a position on his actions, it would seem to me that he should top your list. His actions are setting back the rights and respect for women which so many have worked so hard to improve. I will look for your response. - George

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Because we are an organization made up of many individuals with many individual opinions--it is not possible for us to have a formal response. Personally, I'm confused. I voted for Clinton twice--both times knowing that he was not faithful. I put the Monica Lewinsky case in this category--and therefore, don't have a problem with it. The biggest problem I have with this case is how she was interrogated by the FBI, deceived by Linda Trippe, destroyed by the media and made out to be a victim by many. From what I can tell, she's a young woman who knew what she wanted and consented to it. I see the Paula Jones case very different. And the Kathleen Willey case different from both of these. I voiced my opinions against Clarence Thomas and Senator Packwood--because I knew the strong sexual harassment cases that had been laid out against them. I think Anita Hill has said it best....."we need to know the difference between making a pass and sexual harassment." If we don't--and if Starr gets his way, we will have a workplace environment where men and women can't even talk to each other without fear of attack. To date--we clearly don't have enough information to make conclusions about this. Sorry I can't offer some deeper insight.



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