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Please help me. I am a 14 year old girl in high school and I am experiencing harassment by a bunch of boys. I have told several teachers, guidance counselors, and the principal, but they won't do anything about it. My parents won't help either. What else can I do? - Jane.

I'm not sure what exactly these boys are doing to you - and therefore, I can't really say how best to get them to stop. I also have to say from the beginning that I'm shocked that neither your parents nor any guidance counselors will support you. Fortunate for you, but unfortunate for them, this reveals so much about their lack of judgement and so much about your commitment to justice.

As I said previously, I'm not quite sure what the boys are doing to you. If they are calling you names or making fun of you, honestly the best thing you can do is ignore them. By saying anything - even as a come-back - you are giving them attention and therefore, letting them know that you are paying attention. This will fuel their fire and make them want to just nudge you even more.

If they are actually physically harassing you, then you have to go once again to your school's administration. Though it's hard to find evidence of verbal harassment, physical harassment is easier to document and, therefore, harder for the school to ignore. One thing you might want to do, to make sure that no other girls find themselves in this situation with these boys, is to post their names and what they did in the girls bathroom. Girls have done this on college campuses as a way of alerting other women anonymously to what certain boys are really like and who to stay away from. If you want to give me more details, I'd be happy to try to think of other ways to help. I hope you are okay - and I'm sorry that you haven't found more support. Good luck.



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