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I was recently fired from my mid-management position for filing legal action after charges of Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination I filed in January of 1995 were covered-up to protect those involved. This is a State Agency (Note: name ommitted), that uses their own Policies and Procedures to intimidate other empoyees into remaining silent for fear of retaliation and ultimate termination as happened in my case. I go to trial next month (September) and NEED SUPPORT for myself, my family, and information that may assist my attorney break the code of silence that protects "the good old boys" and has allowed this agency to continue their practice of destroying careers and lives. I invested 11 years of my life to this career and now am unemployed because I challenged an agency with unlimited financial funds who are capable of using our tax dollars to carry out a lengthy legal battle to keep from being exposed for repeatedly violating the Civil Rights of women employees working there. Please do not ignore this plea for help. I have tried other organizations with no reponse. My time is running out. - Marion

Dear Marion - Thanks for your note and I am so sorry to hear about your current situation. After the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings most organizations that dealt with sexual harassment cases become inundated with calls. Since some time has passed hopefully they are not too overwhelmed. There are many places to try and I am not sure which would be best for you, but the following is a start:

9to5, National Association of Working Women: 414-274-0925
Wider Opportunities for Women: 202-638-3143
Feminist Majority: 703-522-2501
and also the Equal Employment Opportunitiy Commission: 800-USA-EEOC.

Good luck and thanks for not being silent and for paving the way for many women.



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