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I am starting a non-profit organization and need to get online somewhere. I feel like you are the group I need to be connected with to have strength in my life and to rebuild my self esteem. I have been sexually harassed and am trying to touch a group that experienced the same and maybe we can support each other. I know this is a taboo subject, but it has become a vendetta for me to do something about it.

I have filed a charge and have learned so much after the fact. I got fired and my unemployment has been contested by my ex-employer. I give constant thought to why these people are doing this to me. What came to mind is that they're trying to dry out all my financial resources and maybe I'll just go away. Not. Please write me back. Thanks.

I am sorry to hear about your sexual harassment case -- or actually, sorry that you were sexually harassed. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurance. When I was 14, I worked in a bakery - I was the pie-maker, which meant that I had to get to work extra-early to prepare the daily pies. The only other person that got there earlier than me was the baker - a man in his fifties, who was the cousin of the owner. He would corner me and flirt with me and lean very, very close to check on my progress. It made me feel uncomfortable, but I didn't have the language, the strength or the knowledge to explain what was happening, so I, like many women, remained silent. In fact, it wasn't until many years later that I even identified it as sexual harassment and I was only able to do this because of brave women - like you - who were able to speak-out about their/your experiences.

I don't know of any formal - or even informal - networks for women to exchange these experiences. There are several organizations that work with the issue of sexual harassment, so contacting them might be a good first step. You should contact:

9to5, National Association of Working Women: #414-274-0925
Wider Opportunities for Women: #202-638-3143
Feminist Majority: #703-522-2501

Good luck and I hope these help.



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