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Sexual Harassment

The apartment manager where I live is female and continues to call me "Miss America" or "Good Looking." These terms make me feel very uncomfortable and seem to be "put downs." Can sexual harassment be female to female? (probably a dumb question) and can it exist outside the framework of employer-employee? Thanks, Mary

I'm sorry that you have been subjected to comments that make you feel uncomfortable. Sexual harassment is a fine line and I'm not an expert. From what I know, I would say "yes" that it can be "female to female" and "no" it does not exist outside of the framework of the "employer-employee." If it falls out of the context of the workplace, I think that it becomes verbal sexual discrimination or something like that. As I understand sexual harassment laws, they were established to prevent women and men from being subjected to unnecessary and sometimes harmful comments and gestures that are gender based. These comments/gestures come from a "superior" and therefore innately intimidate the employee, leaving them little room to speak our against their "superior." This then creates an workplace that it not comfortable to work in.

As for your situation, it sounds like a good first step would be to simply tell your apartment manager that although she may mean for her comments to be flattering, they make you feel uncomfortable. If that doesn't work, maybe try subtle threats and if that doesn't work....maybe look for a new apartment.

I hope that helps - Good luck.



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