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I am working for a manager who is an enthusiastic member of Promise Keepers. He is smart enough not to verbalize his belief that women need to be dominated by men, but his actions state it loud and clear. He continually gives the men in the dept. all the responsibilities and all the perks, leaving the women (two of us are JD's)to do merely secretarial duties. Our function is to make the men look good. As I understand the law, his behavior is not violate of the statute-it is merely poor management. Is anyone else experiencing similar situations with these oppressive "Promise Keepers"? Thanks for your service. Karen

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I, too, have experienced much misrepresentations about the Promise Keepers. I know that they disguise their "anti-women/anti-family" reality with a "pro-family" "progressive" front. The best place I have found to counter their work is the Center for Democracy Studies, which has done extensive research on the creation of the Promise Keepers and the reality behind their message. To learn more about what their research has revealed, I suggest you contact them. This information will hopefully help you to better inform your friend and correct all of his misinformation.

Good luck -- and thanks for making sure that these misrepresentations don't spread enough so as to mislead even more people



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