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Sexual Harassment

I am a male and wonder what your organization's position on the atrocities of sexual harassment in the White House. Your organization has been quiet and by being quiet you apparently condone such behavior. One must assume that your cause is not women's rights but the furthering of the liberal cause, since the President is liberal.

I personally, just wanted to get back to you on a few points:

  1. We are not an "organization" but a website. The questions we respond to are in response to the questions we are asked--you are only the second question we have received about " the atrocities of sexual harassment in the White House "
  2. The current situation--assuming that you are talking about Monica Lewinsky--as far as I know is not a sexual harassment charge.
  3. FEMINIST.COM is about providing resources and support to women--that is resources and support that are good for women. Being a woman doesn't automatically mean being "pro-woman" just as being a man doesn't mean being "anti-woman."
  4. Feminists are responsible for 1.) naming sexual harassment 2.) creating laws to protect women who are being sexually harassed and 3.) providing the majority of outlets and support networks for women and men who have been sexually harassed.



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