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Sexual Harassment

I work as a police officer in Little Rock. I transferred to a different department and my nightmare started. Several officers started to sexually harass me. At first I ignored it but it got worse. I told a supervisor who ignored my complaint. I complained again and now I am going to court with practically no one on my side. The Police Department sent me to a psychiatrist and took away my gun. I have 3 different attorneys and every time I turn around it is something else. I feel really alone.

Thanks for speaking up about your situation. I'm sorry that you feel all alone in Little Rock. I found a few outlets for you, so maybe these can help to make you feel less isolated and alone. Also, because sexual harassment could easily and quickly become a reality in many women's lives, I thank you, too, for your honesty and support. This is certainly a comfort both to others who have been sexually harassed and to those who haven't had the will to identify it. Your case is also a warning to the harassers--that their actions aren't going unnoticed.

Association for the Sexually Harassed
PO Box 27235
Philadelphia, PA 19118
(215) 482-3528
They work to educate the public about the effects of sexual harassment and offers policy recommendations. They provide assistance to businesses and victims in outline problems of sexual harassment.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Women's Rights Department
1625 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 429-5090
Works to ensure that the interests of women are reflected throughout the union and provides direct service to its members.

Sexual Harassment in the Federal Workplace
1120 Vermont Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20419
Documents incidences of Sexual Harassement with the federal government.

There is also 9to5, National Organization fof Working Women. I hope these suggestions help--and at a minimum help you to feel less alone. Good luck.



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