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Dear Amy,

I just finalized an agreement after a very long sexual harassment case--- my one attorney against five powerful insurance attornies. I had to compromise due to $.  I feel totally drained emotionally and offended again by the cheap embarassing shot my employer made in the newspaper at the conclusion of the case.

Any words of wisdom or a support group for survivors of this issue would be appreciated---it's been almost 8 years!!



Dear EB,

Congrats to being done -- 8 years is a long time and most people wouldn't have stuck it out that long.

I always say to people who write to Ask Amy with stories of pursuing justice via the law that sadly the law rarely upholds our rights, so better to think of other ways to make yourself feel served. And sadly those who do persevere are rarely the ones to benefit directly, but it's important to remember that your speaking up, hopefully changed it for others.

As for support groups, try NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund [Editor's note: now renamed Legal Momentum] and also 9 to 5 -- both handle this issue more directly.

Take care,


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