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Dear Amy,

When they were planning their wedding over four years ago, Jason (Belinda's husband) got a little friendly with me. When I say he got a little too friendly with me I mean he was actually flirting with me. He would refer to me as his girlfriend (even though he was getting ready to marry someone else), he asked me to sit in his lap, he grabbed my butt, and there were times when he said that I was coming on to him when it was the other way around.

There were other things that he said and did that I vaguely remember. What surprised me the most was that Belinda didn't seem at all jealous and certainly didn't tell him that he was out of line-she would even laugh at him when he started flirting with me. As their wedding day started to draw closer, I realized that I was developing feelings for him, but I never told Belinda because I thought that telling her something like that would hurt her but I think that she finally figured it out.

I would like to know does what Jason did constitute as sexual harassment or was he just being friendly and were my feelings for him normal?



Dear Mandy,

What Jason did was not sexual harassment, which is confined to schools and the workplace, nor is it sexual assault since it seems to have been entirely consensual.



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