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Sexual Harassment

Hi Amy,

My name is Sandy. I am a college student in Corpus Christi, Texas. To get to the point; I was president of a club at my College. All of our officers were women. My adviser sexually harassed me. He wanted me to be his young girl. When I refused his advance, he kicked me out of the club and took my title away (Quid Pro Quo).

When the other female officers stood by me, he kicked them out too. There is much more that he has done that is wrong. I cannot afford a lawyer, but I have to sue otherwise he will do the same to another Innocent girl, or girls.

I am suing the School because under Title IX the school is responsible for a Quid Pro Quo. I have asked Legal Aid for assistance, because I come from a low income family. They have too many cases therefore could not take my case. So I'm writing and filing the law suit on my own, with the help of a friend.

However, I want to make sure the Lawsuit is written correctly. I wonder do you know any organization or anyone who can help with the financial aspect or the legal aspect, Do you have any advice on where I could get this.

Thank You,




Sandy -- good to hear from you and sorry to hear about your situation.

Have you tried Equal Rights Advocates -- based in/near San Francisco? Also 9to5:The National Association for Working Women and also Legal Momentum -- both have written guidelines on how to file/handle sexual harassment suits. That should be able to help -- at least that would be my recommendation.

Congratulations on pursuing this and even if it doesn't go anywhere legally, at least it will be documented,