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Sexual Harassment

I was at work today, I work in a small doctor’s office.  One of the doctors I work for came up behind me today and stuck his hands down my pants when it was just him and I there.  I contacted my office manager and informed her of what happened, yet I feel that nothing is going to be done.  I can't work for this doctor anymore, I can't even look him in the eyes.  I am struggling financially so I can't really afford to quit my job, I don't know what to do.


Sadly, I have received a few emails from women in your exact situation -- working either as a nurse or a receptionist in a doctor's office and being blatantly harassed, but desperately needing the money. I don't blame it on the entire profession, but it is interesting that there is a pattern and I suspect it has something to do with us giving doctors so much leverage - we think their profession and practice is so important and necessary and that translates into them thinking they are important and necessary and thus able to do what they will.

That said, I think that you have taken the right steps and I would certainly keep on it -- inquire every few days -- what progress have you made on my report, what is being done, etc. Keeping tabs that they aren't going to overlook your complaint. And perhaps coming up with your own suggested course of action -- for instance, doctor's aren't allowed alone with others or in certain areas? Also, I would make sure to keep your own record of the situation -- exact times, etc... and should it happen again, you have this trail to refer to. Sadly, often in these situations because so much of it because us v. them you stop trusting your own truths.

— Amy