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Sexual Harassment

My wife who lives in New Jersey has a problem in the work place with her boss whom on several occasions has yelled and belittles her in front of co-workers.  She has on several occasions asked him to please stop doing that and still he continues to do it (it seem to her that he actually enjoys doing it).  She is a nervous wreck, depressed and often breaks down crying on the phone.  

I myself am located in Florida and find myself unable to do anything other then simply taking the next plane out and maybe getting myself arrested.  If you happen to know what course of legal action she can possibly take to put a stop to this once and for all.  Kindly let me know.


The laws related to official "sexual harassment" are rather limiting --i.e. hostile environment, which is what your wife seems to be experiencing, and quid pro quo -- essentially a direct threat to her job. The most important first step is for her to document everything that is happening to her -- when, where, what -- this will help build a case for her -- and also perhaps reveal a pattern that others might be experiencing, too. Of course an easier answer is that she should resign or quit, but I imagine that she has already ruled out that option, which is understandable and also doesn't entirely remedy the problem. I think that what is extra-crazy making during times like this is that people don't feel heard or believed for listened to and so it's so important that you provide that trusted sounding board. Also, I would encourage her to consult her workplaces HR offices -- and if the company is large enough (over 25 employees) to go directly the to the EEOC, the government branch in charge of monitor and following through on such injustices. I hope those suggestions lead to something.

— Amy