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I have noticed in my research of Abortion that women have a choice, and men have little choice. I would like to know if feminists would be unhappy if men had an equal choice? Or even a choice to not be involved with the child if He chooses to "abort" any fatherly responsibilities. This type of thinking is becoming popular in the men's movement, and I wondered if you had any thoughts on this matter. Thanks again for any response. Your input will be used. - Jerry

First of all--feminism isn't a monolith, so all feminists don't think alike. As a feminist, I would be happy to answer your question, but remember that this is only one feminist perspective.

As I tried to explain in my previous note, it is really hard to make generalizations. Personally, I have a wonderful boyfriend. If I had to make a choice about whether or not to have an abortion, I would include him in my decision. He, however, would concur that the choice is ultimately mine, since I would be the one responsible for carrying the child to full-term.

It's not a matter of being "happy" or "unhappy", it's a matter of fairness. If men had an equal choice that wouldn't be fair, because they don't have equal responsibility. Until they do---blanketly giving them equal choice would be unfair.

Men already do have choice in whether or not to "abort" their fatherly responsiblities---unequally so. And, unfortunately, many men take advantage of this "choice" in a way that negatively impacts their children and partner. How many women do you hear about leaving their children and how many men do?

If this thinking is becoming popular within the men's movement, that worries me. Because a men's movement, like a women's movement, should ideally be about equality and balancing what isn't balanced. As you explain it, what is in actuality happening in the men's movement is that men are seeking freedom from their responsibilities. I hope this helps.


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