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Reproductive Rights

I know the a major interest on the women's movement is for reproductive rights. My concern is the constant support given to abortion and contraception rights. Most important in this arena is the ability to have access to that information on time to prevent the statistics used against us. Why is there not a larger campaign for comprehensive sexual education in public schools?

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. First, I want to clarify that there are many "major interests" for the women's movement. Reproductive rights is one of them, as is comprehensive health care, responsible welfare reform, etc... The women's movement won't move unless all of these issues are addressed--as each is a different priority for different women.

Second, I want to clarify that "reproductive rights" includes comprehensive sexual education. If you look at those who support these rights--they also support sex education. Similiarly, if you look at those who oppose these rights--they oppose sex education. Because the right-wing's ultimate goal is to control women's reproduction, this must include eliminating access to all abortions and sex education. Because it is easier to mobilize people to "oppose" abortion than it is to oppose sex education, they mask their campaign in the former. Don't be fooled. You should look to Planned Parenthood and to other issue specific groups for how specifically they are addressing this issue. There is also a group called "SEICUS"--which will have comphrensive information on sex education in the schools.


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