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I was looking for information about post-abortion syndrome. You see I am 16 years old and 2 years ago my parents forced me to give up my child. I am having a lot of problems dealing with it even still.

I've noticed that I almost act like it is real sometimes and I know that is wrong to do but in away it think it may help me to deal with it. Is this a natural thing that happens to some girls? ex: I have a date about when he would've been born and I wear one of those baby chain's with the birthstone of when he was concieved and I even talk about how he'd be right now. I'm not doing good with it and I need to know if it is normal. Please if there is any information you can send me about it please do so. Thank you so your time! Sincerly, Amanda

Though I wish you were writing under better circumstances, I'm glad you are writing, because I think that the first step in dealing with the pain you are going through is to talk about it. I had an abortion, though I've had none of the feelings that you are--probably because it was my choice, not one forced on me. I think a good step might be for you to connect with other people who have gone through this. You should check out our Reproductive Rights section for other resources. If not, please feel free to write again. Happy healing

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