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My partner and I are using the condom as our only method of birth control. I have used various methods in my past and can no longer use methods containing hormones. We are both 36 and have decided not to have children. My question is, barring abstinence, sterilization and the condom, is there an alternative for men in the US? I have heard about birth control for men, but when will it be approved in the US? I would appreciate any information you could give us. My partner is very interested in his own birth control and I am considering sterilization for myself. Thank you for your web site, it was most informational. Sincerely, M. Janan

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I was actually just at an event with people from Planned Parenthood and I took the time to inquire about the reality of a male pill. Unfortunately, they predicted that it probably won't be effectively in place in our lifetimes. However, as I had always thought -- vasectomies are actually one of the safest and also reversable forms of birth control. And, given that you don't want to have children, this really does seem like a good option. There is a male clinic in New York City called something like "Washington Heights Men and Boys Clinic"--perhaps try them to see what they have discovered.

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