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My name is Jessica and I am sending this email in regard to your site. I enjoyed it! I feel that in a way I too am a feminist, but there are a few ideas that I would disagree with that your site seems to support. This may very well be that I just didn't look into this enough but I would like info from someone on feminist views on abortion and pro-life. I am pro-life although I see the way women feel that they have the right to do what they want with their bodies. Please respond! Thank you, Jessica, 18

Thanks for your note -- and for exploring your own feelings about abortion. There really is no one feminist response--as feminists are really just a group of individual women who have individual opinions. However, one of the most basic elements of feminism--is about making sure that women are able to make choices over their own lives. Given that--then feminists do support that women should be able to make the choice about when or whether to have an abortion. This does not mean that every feminist would make the decision to do so, it only means that feminists support individual women to make that choice. I hope that helps

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