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I guess I consider myself a feminist. Generally speaking, I am a liberal, but I found it unfair that you made such vast generalizations in your advice column. I am a pro-life, female, and against capital punishment. The platform for those that are pro-life should certainly not be based on choice, but on life, thus the coined term, pro-life. If anyone considers themselves such, and is also pro-capital punishment, it is abhorrent. But no great majorities of people are so vastly and visibly hypocritical, and I found it rather offensive to generalize in terms of the minority.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for taking the time to write and share your opinions. I do want to clarify that there are many individuals and organizations (Operation Rescue, Christian Coalition, Independent Women's Forum) that are both "pro-life" and "pro capital punishment." Unfortunately, I think that your being "pro-life" and "against capital punishment" is not common in "pro-life circles." Thus, bringing me to the conclusion that it is not about "life" at all, but about both the right to choose and the rights of women.

Also, I support that you may not choose to have an abortion because you are "pro-life." However, I don't support that you might prevent others from making this choice about their own lives.


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