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I am a fifteen year-old feminist. I was just wondering if there are any groups of feminists who oppose abortion or physician-assisted suicide or if they are just isolated individuals. I realize that the majority of feminists are probably pro-choice but I have never known another pro-life feminist besides myself nor have I ever heard of any feminists being involved in anti-abortion sorts of things. I do hear about involvement in keeping abortion legal all the time. So, basically, I was just wondering...are there very many people like myself? And if so, how would I get in touch with them? Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM --and for the sincerity of your question. I don't know of any "anti-choice feminists," mostly because this goes against the basis of feminism, which is to empower individual women to be able to make informed choices about their lives. However, I do know of many individual feminist women who would never personally choose to have an abortion--they are anti-abortion when it comes to their own lives, but not when it comes to imposing their views on someone else. I hope you fit into the latter category---if so, you will probably never find an "organization" organizing this group, but will likely find an organization that has these individuals included in it. Good luck.

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