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I felt the need to write after reading a response you gave to someone's letter, stating that "the same people who are anti-choice are pro-death penalty". Well, I am pro-life, and against the death penalty. I oppose the bombing of abortion clinics, I oppose the murder of abortion providers. Violence cannot be fought with violence; the Christian teaching is not all about that. But I am not anti-choice; I won't condemn or judge you if you choose to abort (although I tell you, God will at some point speak to you and you will have to answer for yourself why you defended the taking of the life of an unborn). But remember, God does give us the right to choose... and I choose life. May the peace of Christ be with you. - Tat

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and for taking the time to clarify my response. I think that your note gets to the heart of the problem--you have to make sure you know what people are talking about when it comes to the issue of "life," "choice," and "abortion." For instance--I'm pro-all of the above. I don't think that abortion is a matter of "life" but a matter of "choice." It's all a matter of perspective. I also think that you can not choose something in your own life, but that doesn't make it right for you to deny that choice to someone else in their own life. So maybe we are on more of the same page than we realize - Amy

P.S. As for your reference "the same people who are anti-choice are pro-death penalty"--I'm sure that what came before this was "many of the.."


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