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Hello! I'm preparing literature for Paul Wright, a candidate here in Minnesota, Legislative District 20-A. He is a great supporter of women, one of the few men that I have met who really respects women. We need to get him elected.

A few years ago, Nancy Larson ran against the incumbent Bob Ness, IR. The MCCL here, did their usual nasty lit drop at all of the local churches here the Sunday before the election. Nancy lost by a very few votes. We feel that the MCCL lit did the job. Paul wants to be prepared and do the same thing with his views on the right to choose. Can you send me some information on how to prepare literature? Thank you very much for your assistance! - Patti

Dear Patti - I suggest that you contact local women's organizations and ask for their endorsements - NOW, NARAL, Planned Parenthood - and others are likely to have a more diverse membership. Also, you should compile a list of Paul Wright's voting record as it relates to women's issues - and publicize this (assuming that it is good). Do a press release outlining what he has done "for women" and how he has and will continue to be a supporter of their causes. Also, I will send you a booklet put out by Voters for Choice - Winning With Choice. This has great information about how to get out the pro-choice vote and your message as a pro-choice candidate. Good luck to you and Paul Wright.


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