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Reproductive Rights

Thanks for being here! It seems to me that so many younger women do not understand the struggles of the fifties and sixties for equal rights.

Only those who lived through oppression seem to remember the tragedies that were caused by the desperation of women during the years when no choices were available. I know that my own mother, a firm and lifelong Republican, knew that choice was without a doubt in the best interest of women AND children, and passed those values along to me. I cannot support ANY Republican candidate as long as the Party continues to have anti-choice planks in their platform. It IS a SINGLE ISSUE on which women must take a stand and VOTE.

I just wanted to thank you for your note to FEMINIST.COM and mostly for your commitment to ensuring reproductive freedom for all. Many people don't realize that this "single issue" is usually a symbol of many other limitations a candidate is going to put on individuals.

Thank you - and let's keep our fingers crossed on November 5th


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