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Hi, I am a student at Dartmouth College. I am going to be writing a research paper on the geography of pro-choice and pro-life organizations in the U.S. I was wondering whether you had or could suggest where to find a comprehensive list of pro-choice organizations. I would greatly appreciate any information or advice. - Thanks, Nancy

Dear Nancy: There are a couple of great pro-choice groups - most are based in DC. The Pro-Choice Resource Center might have info - they are located in NY State (914-381-3792). The National Abortion Federation based in DC (202-667-5881) does a lot of tracking of the anti-choice groups. There is also the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy (212-514-5534) based in NYC @120 Wall Street, NYC, 10005. The National Council for Research on Women (212-274-0730) put out a book a few years ago of all women focused groups and they include pro-choice groups. They are based in NYC. It's a big purple book. Any of these should be a good start.


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