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It would be nice to hear from other feminists in this ultra-conservative area (Rancho Bernardo of San Diego, CA). Does anyone know what the procedure called late-term abortion is? The newspapers print such distorted descriptions - usually in the rhetoric of the anti-choice, that it would be great to have a truthful explanation. The daughter of a friend of mine had one because her doctor husband polled his colleagues about his partial brain development and a heart condition that would have required a transplant upon delivery. He was advised that the abortion procedure was the way to go. She is now pregnant again, and is proceeding in a normal way. - Pat

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and I'm sorry that you haven't yet connected with any other feminists in your area. I'm sure there are some, but in the meatime I am glad that FEMINIST.COM and the Internet can help you find feminist comfort beyond your geographic area.

As for so called "late-term abortion"---this term is a term used by the right-wing, not by medical professionals, to describe abortions that happen in the late second and early third trimesters. Those occuring in the third trimester are extremely rare and are done only to save the life/health of the mother. Those occuring in the late second-trimester are more common and happen for reasons other than to save the life/health of the mother, but are done because the mother has chosen this procedure. Using this ambiguous term--"late-term"--in the media has confussed people, which it was probably intended to do.

The procedure used in these third term abortions are called D&X and D&E (sorry, I don't have the details on me). These procedures are being attacked and anti-choice activists are attempting to outlaw these procedures. This would be the first time that Congress overruled the medical profession--and the first time that a specific procedure was made illegal. Needless to say this is wrong and that is what the current debate is about.

I have some testimonies from women who have had these procedures. I would gladly send them to you, so you can have a more personal response. Let me know your mailing address and I will send.

Thanks for keeping feminism alive in Rancho Bernardo and I hope the above is helpful.


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