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Dear Amy,

I believe I owe you an apology. On several occasions, I have reviewed your responses to questions in the "Repro Rights" section, and was not very happy with what I read. I consider myself to be a pro-life feminist (I know you disagree with this term) and was saddened to hear what sometimes felt like put-downs or unfair accusations against pro-life individuals. I have written you several times on this, and on the last occasion I was a little, well, rude. I was reading a response to a question on pro-life feminists and I think I took your comments a little too personally. To me, it seemed as though you were saying that it was impossible to be pro-life and pro-woman. From my experience, that is simply not the case. I am a member of a group that I feel does excellent work to help women find positive solutions -- particularly on college campuses. If you have a moment, I encourage you to check out www.feministsforlife.org. You may not agree with our positions, but I think you may be surprised to find some common ground. I know I was surprised to see how much we agreed on certain topics despite very different views on abortion. My letter asked if you thought you were responsible for feminism or that it was up to you personally to decide who is or is not a feminist. This was unfair, and I am sorry for acting in such a childish manner. It is sometimes difficult to support female equality and sisterhood when you are labeled by many of your sisters as "anti-choice" or "anti-woman." Often times, reasonable and peaceful pro-lifers are unfairly grouped with those who are violent and threatening. I don't believe in standing in front of clinics and scaring people, nor do I believe in harassing those who work in or seek services at abortion clinics. I suppose I reacted in the same way, though. I made unfounded, uneducated assumptions against you. Again I am sorry.

I do believe that one can support pro-life measures in a positive and helpful way. That is how I try to live my life, and I believe that you are no different -- you see your pro-choice views as serving in a positive and helpful way. Besides that, you are a human being entitled to develop your own opinions, and I should have had more respect for that. Hopefully, all women will come together and focus on our common goals instead of our differences. Instead of labeling one another and calling each other "anti-woman" or "anti-life," we can respect each others valuable opinions and differences and make a real and lasting difference for the greater good. I hope this letter will put me a small step closer to personally achieving that ideal.





Dear Amanda,

I do think that a person can be pro-life in their life and endorse choices besides abortion -- but I think that the minute you actively engage in denying the choice of abortion to women, you aren't promoting feminism. I think we agree and maybe we should just leave it at that-- thanks.

-- Amy



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