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Dear Amy,

I am a college student and for our English final we have to write a Proposal Letter on a controversial issue and I chose Late-Term Abortion. I was wondering if there was anyway that you could send me some information on Abortion, Late-Term Abortion and measures that have been taken and are being introduced now to keep abortion "Pro-Choice."


Late-term abortions have been inappropriately labeled "partial birth abortions," when in fact these phrases are most likely referring to a specific procedure D&X (dilation and extraction), which is often, though not always, used in later term abortions. However, late-term abortions are referred to separate of this simple term to connote an abortion that happens after the 12th week. When Congress debates legislation that attempts to ban later-term abortions, they fail to leave an exception for the life and health of the mother. They are attempting to give the fetus more rights than the mother, but politicians except the most conservative ones -- want this exception. This is what prevents greater restrictions from being passed -- thank goodness. The interesting thing about this proposed legislation, too, is that it would be the first time that politicians were given more rights than doctors -- or when medical advice would be secondary to political legislation. Naturally -- and rightly so -- doctors are outraged. Later term abortions are extra-important to keep available -- as more and more restrictions are put on women and girls (like minor consent, etc.), the more important this decision is.

-- Amy


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