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Reproductive Rights

I am 15 and although I am not sexually active, I am worried that there will be no place I could go like Planned Parenthood if I should ever need contraception. I heard that "Dubya" was going to take that right away from us. Where could I go or how do I fight for it?



Dear Laura,

Though Dubya is posing a real threat to anyone who wants to access reproductive rights services, the good news is that the majority of this country is pro-choice and believes that women should be able to access the full range of reproductive health services. These services include condoms, birth control, safe sex information, abortions, pre-post natal care, etc. Therefore, there will always be people who are providing these services. However, accessing these services is what is getting harder and harder to do. I'm not sure where you live, but if you live near a big city, then it shouldn't be any problem. If you live in rural place, then it is already difficult to access these services because fewer places offer them. With the Internet, you can find services nearest to you. It's important that we act on our concerns--that is let "Dubya" know that we don't support him. If he's going to make our work hard, then we should just make his harder. Thanks for sharing your concern, and, again for planning ahead.


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