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Reproductive Rights

Why are there so few discussions on the Internet about single mothers—particularly single not married mothers?  It turns out there are a lot of us. A third of children born this year are to unmarried women in the US.

It seems like there would be more discussion - positive discussion. Instead I find a lot of judgmental statements made ABOUT single ("unwed") mothers and some discussion among single ("divorced") mothers.

Are the rest of the never married married, just not talking or what?


I see this discussed a lot — single mothers or mothers that aren't married — but perhaps that's because it's my own personal experience. (I have children and I live with their father, but we aren't legally married— and I was raised by a single mother and never knew my father.) I feel that Bust and Bitch magazines have covered this and there are a few books on this very topic. In fact I just published a book — Opting In: Having A Child Without Losing Yourself — and discuss this to some extent in there. I think one of the reasons we don't hear even more is that there are so many reasons why women are single mothers — some is by choice and some not — so I think it's hard to galvanize this specific demographic and perhaps easier to mobilize not by the sharedness of single motherhood, but of motherhood in general.

— Amy