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Reproductive Rights

I am 14 years old and I have to do a semester project on abortion. I am strongly pro-life, so my biased will most definitely show; however, I was wondering, since you are on Planned Parenthood's board, could you give your insight on abortion and why you pick your position? The best research includes both sides of an argument.


My basic belief around abortion is that it should be legal and thus safe and each woman should be able to make her own decision. It is such a personal decision and everyone chooses to have abortion for a different reason — some because they is a health concern, some because they already have children and don't feel like they can be an adequate person to another children, some because they are so young and know they aren't mature enough to parent, some because they learn that the child has a fetal abnormality and can't live beyond gestation...and the list goes on. I think some people are more sympathetic to some of these reasons than others and yet that's not really out reason — we have to just ensure that women have access to health care and to doctors that can help them make the best choice they can.

— Amy