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The polls have consistently shown the public's wishes to be: do not impeach, censure instead, and leave Clinton to lead the country and finish his term. Yet, the media and Congress continue to talk resignation and impeachment, acting against our will. What recourse do we as citizens have in overriding congress? Do we march? Do we demand a vote on the issue in November? Is our only recourse to watch helplessly as the minority old guard (media and polititians) drive not only Clinton but our nation over the brink? More importantly what can we as feminists do to take the lead in a course correction? Is there an umbrella feminist movement to actively come up with a way to stop this disasterous course? Is there an action we can take that would galvanize enough citizens to stop this clear and present danger to the wellbeing of our nation? Sincerely, Dorothy

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and for vocalizing some of the same thoughts that I have been having. I'm so angry at the media and Congress for making us the jury. I'm guilty of not letting them know my feelings--and inspired by your note I think I will take the time to do so and I encourage you to do the same. The best thing to do is to find out who is on the House Judiciary Committee and let them know that you are outraged. In a similar vein--letters to the editors of your local paper--saying "enough is enough" would certainly have an impact. I saw Bob Dole on the "Today Show" this morning and he said that the country--really the media and Congress and that was clear--needs to take a deep breath. I couldn't agree more.

On the feminist front--the Feminist Majority and other feminist groups today (9/24/98) are holding a press conference in Washington, DC at noon. I hope this will spark others in other cities--maybe you want to even organize your own. The feminist voice hasn't been loud enough lately--or maybe it just hasn't been listened to. I sense that is changing. Let's hope so.


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