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Hi, my name is Sydney and I am in 7th grade and am doing and oratory speaking report on is the United States ready for a woman President and I need a quote from a reputable source about the subject. Thank you, Sydney

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. In answer to your question about whether or not the United States is ready for a woman President, I want more than anything to be able to answer with what I "wish" was possible, but, unfortunately, I have to answer realistically--and realistically, I don't think that the United States is ready for woman President. Just one reason is to look at the criticism that Elizabeth Dole experienced when she explored the idea of running. People said women belonged at home, if God wanted women to rule he would have created them equally. I, of course, don't believe these things. But, I do believe that many people still believe them.

Another example is that we only have 9 women out of 100 people in the U.S. Senate. That disparity seems to point to a lack of trust of women's leadership abilities. But, the good news is that I think things are changing--and in your lifetime you will probably see a woman president. I hope that helps, but write back if you need me to clarify anything.


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