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I am appalled at the sight of Ms. Steinem publicly supporting the President of the United States. Plain and simple, Bill Clinton is a pig. He is an embarrassment to me, a man, and what I try to be. Many of us try to live our lives as decent, caring, compassionate human beings and unfortunately, some like the President portray us in a much different light. Any other man would have been fired or forced to resign from their jobs for much less. Clinton has treated us (both men and women) with impunity and arrogance. He should not be impeached. He should resign, but I could not expect this man to do anything that was the least bit 'noble.' So we are left with impeachment.

I can only conclude that Gloria Steinem is a hypocrite much like Clinton. She stated that he was the first President elected by women. I think it is time to admit her mistake and move on. Don't sell your soul Ms. Steinem! Would you support Clinton if any of the victims in this saga were lawyers and business professionals rather than 'hicks', 'lounge singers' or 'sluts.' Any credibility you had is quickly eroding. Why don't you spend your time promoting an individual (male or female) who we would all be proud to call our President? Remember, I will spend the rest of my life teaching my son(s) to not be like the President of the United States. That's a shame isn't it?

A Gentleman

Per your note to FEMINIST.COM--here is a little note from Gloria:

"I was quoting the statement to which you object from a September joint press conference by the National Organization for Women, the National Council for Negro Women, the United Farm Workers, and a wide variety of other national groups. They are--as I am--against impeachment. This does not mean we support Clinton uncritically. On the contrary, I also said, I will never forgive him for signing the welfare bill. But no President, whether Bush, Reagan, or Clinton should be impeached for the charges as they now stand. The House Judiciary Committee and the rightwing Congressional leadership wants to get rid of Clinton for his position on issues--including those for women's equality."


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