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I am trying (rather in vain) to find any information out on what Elizabeth Dole's record or at least positions are related to women's issues. I have this feeling that just because she is a woman - she may not be as open as one might hope. I don't want to vote for a person "just because" she is a woman and would like more information on her political positions related to real issues... So far.. on the "Liddy Dole for President" pages.. its all smoke... Any ideas?

Thanks, Sheri

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com and for questioning Elizabeth Dole. I did the same a few months ago--and co-wrote an article for The Nation as a result--Why Not Elizabeth Dole? I wrote this as a warning to not support Dole purely because of her gender. To do so, will actually set women back even further. What I discovered was that she doesn't have any record, she won't say what she believes because her platform will be anti-woman (anti-health care reform, anti-welfare, anti-family leave, anti-raising the minimum wage, anti-gun control....) and she doesn't want to be too vocal about that, because then she will lose potential supporters.

The real test is that if she does run, her campaign will be heavily funded by the Republican Party and the right wing of the Republican Party. In order to obtain that support--she can't be true to a woman's agenda. I hope that helps. Thanks for questioning it.


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