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My friend and I in Charlotte, North Carolina are in the process of organizing an equal rights protest. It will involve general equal rights as well as "The Draft". We believe in equal rights and equal responsibilities. We feel that women should register for the draft at 18 if men are required to. If this occurs, women may become more aware of military issues and can help with anti-militarism if they are personally involved. Also, it may help to displace faulty thinking about a weaker gender, with a role only in the kitchen and not in foreign policy. Please let us know what you think about this issue. Contacts and information and how to get more protesters would be great. We don't have a date set yet, but we will soon apply for a permit and it should come in the next month. Thank you, Jon

What you describe doesn't sound so much like a protest as it does an endorsement for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) - in other words, equality under the law. This is obviously something that feminists have always fought for - and continue to fight for, both in the form of an ERA as well as other legislation that includes these same basic rights such as Title IX, Equal Pay Act, the Civil Rights Act and most recently the Women's Equality Act. The latter has recently been put forth by the Feminist Majority Foundation - and is described as an updated ERA. In terms of organizing a protest - which again, I think a pro-active approach might get you further - you should contact local like-minded organizations such as the National Organization for Women. I'm sure there are many student groups in your area, too - each a great place for people power and enthusiasm. Good luck.

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