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I am the president of my local girl's fastpitch softball league. The league was always thought of as second rate, receiving the left overs from the boys leagues. Because of this we have started a separate league. Since doing this enrollment has gone up to around 800 girls. This brings me to my problem. The city refuses to give us more than one playing field. There is a lot more I could go into but I think that you get the idea. I am looking for an organization that will help me put pressure on my parks & rec. and the city government that controls them. Thank you.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and even more thanks for ensuring that the girls get equal access and thus enough resources to be great athletes. The best organization for you to contact is the Women's Sports Foundation. You can reach them at: #800-227-3988. They are well versed on what Title IX says and how it can be applied in this instance. Hopefully they can give you enough information to win access to at least one more field. There is also Girls, Inc. ((212) 689-3700) which may or may not have a local chapter near you. Their national office is in New York City. This organization is directing more and more of their work toward girls and sports. I'm sure they would love to lobby on your behalf. Good luck and I know that many girls will be happy that you are taking the lead on this.

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