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Dear Amy,

As a new stay-at-home-mom freaked out by how financially dependent this choice has made me on the goodwill of my husband (a decent and fair man), and after reading Ann Crittenden's book The Price of Motherhood, I'm inspired to do grass roots lobbying/activist work on the issue of social security benefits for stay-at-home-moms and other unpaid caregivers. Do you know of any organizations currently working on this issue? And any suggestions for where to go for info on this topic and how to begin a grassroots movement?



Dear Abby,

I, too, freaked out after I read Ann Crittenden's book. I knew most of the stats, but they were so depressing. There's another book: Not Your Mother's Life, by Joan Peters, which gives a more positive spin on the same topic.

The best place to start researching and getting involved around social security is the Center for Women's Policy Alternatives, and specifically Heide Hartmann. They have done tons of research on this topic and work. There is also the 2030 Center, which works on this issue with a slant toward young people. The Feb/March issue of Ms. Magazine did a story on this very topic and listed the following resources:

I hope that helps. Good luck getting active - perhaps you could run a discussion group in your town for other new moms.



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