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Dear Amy,

I came across a website (seechange.org) earlier that said the Catholic Church has some sort of special status at the UN that allows it to participate in a way that allows it to speak against international reproductive health measures. Why haven't we heard more about this, and what (if anything) can we do to change it?


Thanks for your note to feminist.com and I'm glad that you discovered SeeChange.org - which was put together by Catholics for a Free Choice among others. The point of this campaign answers your question in part. The Holy Sea, which is really The Vatican, has a seat at the UN. Catholics for a Free Choice - and others - oppose this on the grounds that no other religious seat holds a seat at the UN. The See Change campaign is meant to publicize this inequity and also to get others mobilized around it/oppose it. You should contact them to learn more about what you can do to combat that.

Good luck.



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