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I was curious about feminisms contribution to democracy. I understand that after multicultural feminism, today's feminist thought is directed toward democracy. Could you please elaborate how democracy, globalization, and feminism work together. How does feminism and globalization affect the entire world, especially every different and unique woman? What issues must feminist cover: education, health, marriage, any thing else? Also, how does feminism undertake these issues with a democratic purpose? Is there any information you know or could send me? Thank you for listening,




Dear Vani,

Your note was simultaneously vague and all encompasing. What issues feminists prioritize depends on the individual feminist and I can't think of any issue that would be excluding. Feminism is more like a lense through which you view the world. As to how feminism pertains to democracy -- I think that feminism's values are meant to make up for the fact that we don't live in a full democracy -- yes in theory, but every individual isn't able to execute their full rights to citizenship, which a democracy provides.

So in essence, feminism is about ensuring that a democracy is being fully adhered, too. If by globalization you mean how the world is shrinking and multi-nationals are taking over, I think that feminists are trying to ensure that this happens only by taking into consideration how it affects everyone, not just those who are more obviously benefitting.

I hope that helps to answer your question,

-- Amy


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