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I am doing a project in my grade 12 music class on how the band Rage Against The Machine supports the organizations they do and how both Rage and these organizations benefit from this. What I am wondering is:

1) What exactly is Rock for Choice?
2) How has Rock for Choice benefited if at all from Rage posting its name in albums?

I also have the same questions about FAIR. Would be so kind as to please respond back to me as soon as possible with whatever info you might be able to provide, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Dear Nathan,

Your project sounds great. I image you know this, but there are many bands--in addition to Rage Against The Machine--that support good causes. And all of that support is both necessary and welcomed.

1) What exactly is Rock for Choice? This is a touring concert series that was started by the all female band L-7, with the help of others, and done through the organization the Feminist Majority Foundation. The idea was to get musicians to donate their time to doing a benefit concert where all of the proceeds from the concert would go to support pro-choice efforts. The Feminist Majority Foundation has two great programs in this area--one, is clinic defense--to help people safely enter clinics; and two they track acts of terrorism on clinics and, obviously, work to combat it. So the money raised goes toward efforts like that.

2) How has rock for choice benefited if at all from Rage posting its name in albums? I'm not sure how specifically these postings in Rage albums has helped Rock for Choice. My instinct is that it has helped primarily by spreading the word about the concerts and the work they benefit. You should contact The Feminist Majority Foundation for more details.

Now to FAIR:
1) What exactly is FAIR? FAIR stands for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting and they act as a media watchdog group. They track the media and make sure that we are getting accurate information and unbiased sources. For instance, if a story is making allegations against George Bush--they make sure that George Bush's campaign had a chance to respond to any allegations against them. They also have a Women's Desk that works to ensure that women are treated equally in the media.

2) How has FAIR benefited if at all from Rage posting its name in albums? Ditto to answer #2 above.

I hope this helps.

Good luck,

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