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I am a senior at Providence College and am working on a group project for my Women and Politics class. My portion of the project focuses on feminist organizations/foundations that had an impact on the recent elections. I have seen your web site, and I would appreciate any information you can give me on endorsed candidates, fundraisers, etc. that your organization may have been involved in.

Thank you very much,


Though feminist.com encouraged the electoral process and encouraged our visitors to vote for and support the candidates that support the issues they care about -- feminist.com didn't directly endorse any candidates. Personally, I voted for Gore and I can safely say that anyone at feminist.com who did vote must have voted for either Gore or Nader, since Bush doesn't even pretend to care about women's issues. Also, feminist.com is active on politics every day of the year and sees that our connection to the political process might begin on Election Day, but that is only the beginning. If you look at our alerts and our actions -- these are pretty much about making sure politicians listen to what feminists are prioritizing.

Good luck on your group project,

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