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Hello Amy,

I'm writing about the legalization of prostitution. I need some data about the results of legalized prostitution in different countries, about the conditions in legal brothels. I would really appreciate your info.

Best regards,



Dear Irina,

I believe that if prostitution was legalized everywhere, then the stigma attached to it would be removed and the women who worked in the industry would be given the respect (and worker's rights) other legal workers are. The benefits of legalized prostitution happen at many levels. When prostitution is legalized as it is in Holland, prostitutes are safer because their work doesn't have to take place in nameless hotels; they can demand their clients wear condoms and can be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Also, the women are entitled to workplace luxuries--like health care benefits, lobbying potential, and better working conditions, such as being self-employed rather than pimped.

I hope that helps. Organizations based in The Netherlands are probably the best place to learn more about the ups and downs of this -- as it seems to be only real working example of legalized prostitution.

Good Luck ,



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