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Dear Amy,

Could you explain political equality and does it work in our society today?


I think that political equality is only a short-term goal toward a long-term goal of reorganizing society. Or rather I should say that there is a distinction between political equality and political parity, i.e. equal numbers. The goal of political equality is to have a political body that responds to each issue equally -- ideally this would be done by a representative body, thus being more inclusive of the range of issues -- however, that doesn't currently exist.

The initial push for political parity or a more representative body is so that political equality will follow. But there is no guarantee that will happen. Also, political equality specifically refers to laws -- or I'm assuming it does -- and while it's important that these laws be on the books should anyone need them, just laws don't always mean justice. For instance, rape is illegal, but it still happens.

Good luck,



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