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I am doing a debate for one of my college classes. The debate is about the need for more women in major political offices. I am looking for information on why women make better leaders. As a woman, I am well aware of the positive leadership qualities we have. Do you have any further information?

That's an interesting debate topic. I'm sure The White House Project, Emerge (based in San Francisco), National Women's Political Caucus, Emily's List, Women's Campaign Fund, and other organizations that are specifically devoted to getting more women in office will have specific information. You might also take the perspective that it's not that women are "better" leaders, but that they broaden our country's definition of leaders, and we need this representation at the "top" since they are supposedly representing a diverse array of people. Also, I would use examples in other countries—such as India, South Africa, and Norway where they have done a much better job of ensuring women's leadership, and do so because they believe it is in their country's best interest.




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