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I have been trying to search the Internet for companies/agencies that exist in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut area that are run on a feminist model. I am looking for places (any place!)that operate as a non-hierarchal, non-patriarchal organization.
Do you know of such places or where I could find a listing?
PS I enjoyed hearing you and Jennifer speak at Bluestocking on March 15th.


Tiffany --

In terms of good groups -- I think that Planned Parenthood of New York City is trying out new models -- actually the model is dated and conformist, but with the current CEO who doesn't like to do public speaking, they are trying to farm out some of that responsibility, which in turn is empowering the other staff.

At Third Wave we tried different titles, but eventually caved -- the staff argued that because they are young they have to fight additional stereotypes and so need this title in order to validate their leadership, etc...

The New Jersey Women's Foundation might have something and I think the Gore company, though not feminist in nature has some interesting models. I read about the latter in Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point. You might also reach out to Catalyst -- they work with women in manager and above positions and I think they might have some anecdotes for you. Good luck -- and I hope that helps,

-- Amy