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My name is Tammy. I want to start a petition pertaining to laws on domestic violence. I know from personal experience and statistics that restraining orders and current laws are not doing enough to prevent the murder of women by current or former husbands/boyfriends.

Please assist me in any way possible. Be it advise, connections, etc. I placed my petition on PetitionOnline.com yesterday. I have not heard from them yet, and it is not on there currently. I am sure it will be placed on there, but I want to make sure I can spread the word out if it isn't. Please contact me with as much information as you can.

Thank You,



Tammy --

At certain moments I think that petitions serve a great and specific purpose. However from the little I know, I'm not sure that is the route that you should go. What specifically do you think is standing in the way of women getting justice in domestic violence cases? A lot of times it comes back to police departments and their sensitivity and also judges and how up to date they are on the current status of domestic violence.

There are some great programs out there that are working on both angles -- the Family Violence Prevention Fund, The Wireless Foundation, and the Court Watch program. I think that you should look into replicating some of these things in your area or whatever might more specifically remedy the problem.

I hope that helps -- good luck,

-- Amy