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In my studies at the open university in Israel I am writing a short paper on feminism and social democracy - I am trying to investigate if these two concepts have anything in-common, what it is. I am trying to compare concepts as 'inclusion' used by both (Giddens in the "third way" and a common concept in feminism) examining how everyone interprets it.

I Wondered if you could help me find more material on comparing social democracy and feminism. I am an active member of "new profile" a feminist movement for women and men that strives to stop the militarization of the Israeli society. Our website is www.newprofile.org.)




Ronit --

In general I would say that social democracy is the same as feminism -- or at least democracy is the same as feminism -- to the extent that when actually realized it's about equal representation and about affording "benefits" to those who haven't been prioritized in society, but only to the extent that those benefits are short term and meant to make people empower themselves rather than become dependent on them.

My concern is that by using the word "social" it makes these issues less grave -- democracy is treated more legitimate and social seems to imply that it's surface or less a necessity and more a desire. In terms of what feminism specifically brings to this, is a desire to eliminate hierarchies that are arbitrarily based.

I hope that helps and I tried to check out your site, but it wasn't in English, the only language I know, so I was at a loss.

Good luck,

-- Amy