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I find it absolutely baffling that McCain had only one brief meeting with Palin before choosing her as his running mate. This was clearly a last-minute decision and a knee-jerk reaction to the Obama attention from the night before. This is an irresponsible and reckless decision; he hardly even knows her. His selection shows me what type of president he will be, decisions will not be made with careful consideration and diplomacy but instead, quick gut reactions will lead the way. Listen, I’m not undermining Palin’s accomplishments, I congratulate her on her historic achievement. However, McCain is simply using her as a chess pawn. I also don’t agree with her policies and views:
1. She is pro-war.
2. She is opposed to reproductive rights for women.
3. She doesn’t believe in global warming.
4. She supports big oil and wherever they chose to drill.
5. She’s a lifetime member of the NRA.
6. She’s opposed a clean water initiative.
7. She sued the federal gov. for listing polar bears as an endangered
species (why? cause you can’t drill for oil when animals are occupying the
land) she’s against wildlife protection.

It’s true they would’ve never selected her, if she were a man, it’s pretty insulting to think a position was given to you simply due to your gender…what a gimmick.


I couldn't agree with you more. And based on the handful of emails that I have already received on this topic, I sense that most people are "on to her" and thus won't be fooled simply by her gender. As we have learned from Margaret Thatcher, Clarence Thomas, and others, just because someone is a specific gender or race doesn't necessarily mean that they prioritize the concerns of that constituency.

Like you, I feel that Palin is being "used" by the Republicans — but regardless it says a lot that they felt gender was "important" — something they often haven't acknowledged in the past. I also personally think that I can celebrate her candidacy and also defend her character and the assaults on her character without supporting her as a candidate.

— Amy